The Sticky Wicket Of Florence Pugh Wearing a Sheer Pink Top

by Shelt Garner

Now, when it comes to seeing Florence Pugh’s nipples in a very sheer, very pink outfit, I’m more concerned with how pink has taken over high fashion. Is that part of the mythical vibe shift we’re supposed to going through?

Florence Pugh

But the crux of her wearing a sheer top comes down to wealthy women ALWAYS want to show their nipples. It’s their thing. It’s a flex. And I could care less. So what. You go, girl.

And it’s not like this is new. Way back when, there was a woman in the French court who loved one of her breasts so much that she fitted her top such that it was always exposed.

So, I’m completely indifferent. But we have to accept that exposed female nipples continue to be controversial because there are men who can’t handle seeing them for any reason and they get way, way too excited.

In a sense, the issue of a sheer top showing a nipple causing us Poors to get all excited is similar to how it seems the vast majority of wealthy women — especially associated with high fashion — are all having same-sex romances to the point that it’s very gouache for anyone to notice it happening at all.

The whole thing is dumb. If a woman feels she can get away with “freeing the nipple” let her do so.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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