The ‘Canceling’ Of Dave Chappelle

by Shelt Garner

One of the most misguided things to happen in pop culture of late is the “canceling” of Dave Chappelle. He’s a gifted storyteller as well as comic and the Left is doing itself no favors by “canceling” him.

Dave Chappelle

All they will do is to make him angry and, in a surreal way, a new favorite of people he definitely doesn’t like — the MAGA New Right. The interesting thing is Chappelle’s “crime” is he refuses to back down and refuses to abide by the Leftist media narrative when it comes to, specifically, trans issues. The whole trans debate is very complicated and requires a nuance that the fucking cocksuckers of the MAGA New Right simply do not have in them.

Their political response to what’s going on between Chappelle and the trans community is nothing more than a grunt — “Chappelle good, trans people bad.” They know nothing more about what’s going on — anything else about Chappelle’s oeuvre than this particular situation.

Admittedly, Chappelle is probably a bit more traditionalist than a lot of other comics. But he’s nowhere near conservative enough to make him the golden child, the exemplar that the MAGA New Right would have you believe. But it is interesting that, weirdly enough, Chappelle is actually facing some consequences for his bucking the trans media narrative. Not here to judge this situation, just telling you what’s going on.

Chappelle is getting shows canceled here and there because of what is perceived as his anti-trans stance. Usually, people who are allegedly “canceled” are actually not canceled and if they are cancelled, they legitimately did something bad enough to deserve it.

So, Chappelle’s canceling is unusual because it actually fits the definition of the shorthand of what it means to be “cancelled.”

What’s so weird is where did the idea of being “canceled” come from in the first place. I have, in the past, suggested that the canceling movement comes from a combination of a generational shift in pop culture expectations being amplified by something akin to a “soft Singularity.”

Anyway, leave Chappelle alone. Please?

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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