Things Continue To Go Well With This First Novel In A Planned 6 Novel Project

by Shelt Garner

I love to write. In fact, the only creative thing I love to do more than write is take pictures. Anyway, for a certain subset of writers, the idea that someone “loves to write” is very gauche.

But I do love to write. I like to compare my love of writing to shedding skin — it’s something I do without even thinking about it.

Yet, there is a trade off — I don’t have any friends and no one likes me. So, I live a very isolated life, even though I do write a lot.

Anyway, the first novel in what is meant to be a six novel project is going really well. Things are moving pretty fast. It’s unlikely to be the spring 2023 querying season that I participate in, but rather than fall 2023 season. I’m hoping that I might have a second or even third novel in the project done by that point.

I still have a serious amount of work to do with all the books. I have to give my writing some edge so people see these as thrillers. Right now, they’re very interesting, fast paced paged turners…but they just don’t have much edge to them.

I need to change that.

And, of course, I need to shut up about writing in the first place. I need to, as they say, shut up and write.

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