I Am Amazed By Dua Lipa’s Personal Brand Management

by Shelt Garner

Ok, let’s talk Dua Lipa. While she can’t dance, she (or her people) are among the best in the biz when it comes to making her both sexy and relatable. She has perfected her “brand” of being both just the right of unobtainable and relatable. I would compare her to that one stunning girl we all had a crush on in high school who would still allow nerds to help her with her with her homework with a knowing, compassionate smile.

Dua Lipa being her hot self.

And, what’s more, she’s perfected the art of using optical illusions to give men boners without really showing any T&A. For instance, there is the viral moment from one of her concerts where she, wearing a very short skirt, gyrates on her mic stand. This is all showbiz, of course. In reality, she’s very covered up and it’s just our dirty minds that fill in the gaps that don’t even exist.

We see something that LOOKS like her fucking her mic stand with a very reveling skirt, when in reality it’s her in a very well fitted outfit doing a provocative dance.

And, from what I can tell about Ms. Lipa, she’s always “on” without being arrogant. In short, she’s relatable. Which, in this fake age we live in, the gold standard. Women don’t see her as a threat and men see her as girlfriend material.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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