Americans Are Such Nerds — Of Sanna Marin & AOC

by Shelt Garner

I have to confess that I have a growing celebrity crush on Finnish Prime Minster Sanna Marin. She’s a real babe. Whenever I think maybe she’s a little too young to be the prime minster of anything, I remember that I see AOC as a viable political candidate for American president and she’s younger!

But let’s get to the point — Ms. Marin is in hot water for being her hot self a party and doing a gyrating dance with a bunch of friends in private. Can you imagine if footage of AOC doing that came out? OH MY GOD, Twitter would crash with all the hot takes.

Which, of course, brings us to another issue — maybe all us gray beards need to chill out and accept that things are changing. The Western world is in dire need of a political changing of the guard and, as such, These Things Are Going To Happen.

Even though I find Emily Ratajkowski often extremely disingenuous when it comes to how she Just Wants To Be Taken Seriously, she does have a point when it comes to how Olds are going to have to accept that at some point in the not-to-distant future there will be a major female political figure that we’ve seen naked in some respect. Too many young women have done some sort of porn before they realize how much doing it will change their lives forever for that not to be the case.

Now, obviously, there is the looming issue of how I fear we’re going to become an autocracy or have a civil war to worry about. That would make all this gauzy talk about nekkid female pols all very moot. We’re all going to be too busy running for our lives to think about such things.

And, I will note how surreal it is that AOC has successfully put her private life on lockdown. It’s incredible. Other than that one video of her dancing on a rooftop, there’s not been one leak of her running around in a bikini. Not that that should be a problem, but given that the entire American Right wants to hate fuck her, she’s probably wise to do such a thing.

Anyway. It’s just sad that Olds are so uptight about young women doing young women things once they obtain power. I really like what I’ve seen of Ms. Marin. She seems really cool. I would recommend she stay away from Trump. God only knows what creepy old man things he would attempt on her.

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