Camila Morrone Is My Celebrity Crush Of The Moment

by Shelt Garner

Having watched Daisy Jone & The Six, I find myself thinking of a high-end woman that a poor shlub like me can one day aspire to finding a woman of equal merit: Camila Morrone

She was famously Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend before she was aged out by turning 25. All I can say is — she’s smoking hot. She’s got “it” whatever “it” is and it is a testament to how Leo has Goddamn great taste in women that he would date her for as long as he did.

Ms. Morrone has a lot of stage presence and she’s a really good actress. I’m smitten in a celebrity crush kind of way. She’s easy on the eyes and has a luminescent personality. She seems like the kind of woman a wealthy, powerful man would be proud to have on his arm as they walked into a cocktail party.

I fear I sound like Don Draper.

I suppose, in a sense, Ms. Morrone is aspirational for drunk losers such as myself. But, who knows, maybe the novel I’m working on may be a breakout hit.


Even though she’s been aged out for Leo — she IS still very, very young. I feel like a dirty old man just talking about her.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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