A Long Ways To Go & A Short Time To Get There

by Shelt Garner

I have given myself a hard deadline of June 20th to wrap something, anything up when it comes to a Public Beta of this novel. As such, I’m really keeping an eye on the calendar.

I’m just about where I need to be, but not quite.

I would like some wiggle room. And I think, in the end, I will get that wiggle room not by finishing the Public Beta by June 20th, but by “finishing” “something” by June 20th then spending a few days after that doing a mop upu operation so it will be closer to, say July 1st when I actually feel comfortable giving the Public Beta to beta readers.

Anyway, the point is — things are moving fast. I’m really pleased with what I’ve come up with. There are some structural issues that I just can’t dwell on. I have to finish something NOW before I drop dead, so I’m willing to punt some issues into the hands of Beta Readers to find out what THEY think.

And, remember, I may — if I can save up the money — spend some cash on a manuscript consultant who will edit the story before I start the querying process no later than late winter 2024.

A shit ton of things can go wrong between now and then, of course, but, lulz, wish me luck.

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