So Apparently I’m a ‘Narcissist’ Now?

by Shelt Garner

I don’t want to get into details, but something perplexing happened to me recently that I need to process. Someone I barely know randomly sent me a video on Tik-Tok that had the same vibe as the Dave Chappelle sketch where the Haters go back in time to call a overseer “a cracker.”

The person said they made a Tik-Tok video specifically to personally “cancel” me for being a “narcissist.”

There is a lot to unpack here.

If I was a few decades younger, having such a thing sent to me — for any reason — would have made me extremely upset. Thankfully, I’m 50 and the whole thing leaves me puzzled rather than alarmed. I just don’t understand what could have possibly provoked such a thing.

I did send the person the second draft of my novel, so….maybe she was offended by some element of it? If that is the case, I have my suspicions as to what might have generated such hostility towards me. Now, obviously, what I should do is just ask the person directly about this matter.

But, meh. I just don’t care enough. It’s situation similar to the Mad Men elevator scene that ends with Don Draper saying, “Well, I don’t think about you at all.”

I have more important things to worry about than if some rando thinks I’m a narcissist. At least if you’re going to yell at me for such a thing, give me a little bit more information.

As it stands, I’m at a loss. Generally, these days, no one really cares about me other than my stalker in California who is obsessed with this blog. That someone would get so upset over anything I might have done to take the time to send me a heated Tik-Tok video purporting to “cancel” me for being a “narcissist” is rather flattering.

But, then, I am a narcissist.

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