A Key Difference Between MAGA And Everyone Else

by Shelt Garner

In general, I’m a one-issue voter: I want to live in a functioning Western democracy. That’s it. I feel as though if we can simply establish that baseline on a national basis that the rest will take care of itself. Democracy is messy, but, in general, it does usually come up with political solutions that are the best for everyone.

I think of this fact when I see some stray piece of information about the center-Left that I can’t brook. I’m not in a fucking cult like MAGA cocksuckers, so I can step back and say, “I just don’t support that.”

This all goes back to my desire to live in a functioning Western democracy. There are so many issues that I totally agree with when it comes to the center-Left agenda, that I’m willing to hold my nose for the time being because I feel that if we can just return to having a functioning liberal democracy then rest will take care of itself.

And, I think, in general, that we have to accept that the real battle before us is simply to keep what’s left of our democracy viable. The fucking fascists know that if they can transition us into autocracy then, that’s it — they will get everything they want without an opposition at all.

I still get annoyed when I get attacked from my Left, though.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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