Is Dua Lipa Entering Her Nellie Furtado ‘Loose’ Era?

by Shelt Garner

I can still remember way back when dinosaurs ruled the earth when a very giddy young woman came up to me DJing at the bar Nori in Seoul and asked for me to play Nellie Furtado’s new track “Maneater.”

“It’s huge in Bangkok right now,” she said.

It’s a great song. In fact, the entire album that Maneater comes off of is kind of the sweetspot of the type of music I love. I love music that has a beat and you can dance to it. As such, when I heard the latest cut from Dua Lipa, “Houdini,” my listening ears perked up.

The track is…really good?

It’s got that same Loose vibe to it. It’s not…quite…there…but it’s so close as to be no big deal. I would have the song go a little harder as a dance track, but beggars can’t be choosers. Houdini is a solid dance pop rock song. It’s not disco and yet is sure to get punk ass Zennials on the dance floor.

Anyway. I hope the rest of the album is as good as this one song.

I will note there is an amusing element to the song’s video. Lipa yet again gives us a little T&A…without actually showing anything. She loves to do shit like that. You go girl.

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