Did Video Games Kill The Rock Star?

by Shelt Garner

Consider the curious case of rock music. There was a moment in time when male driven rock was pop, by definition. But no more. Sisters are doin’ it for themselves and most pop music is sung by young, hot women. Which makes you wonder, what happened?

While I really enjoy female singers, I also think there needs to be some balance. It is eerie how most popular male singers are either troubadours or rap singers. There’s just not a lot of male-sung rock and punk music that is popular these days.

Which makes me wonder why the change? I think there are plenty of historical, economic and cultural reasons for why this has happened. But I also think it’s at least POSSIBLE that a lot of the creative energy that young men would have otherwise thrown into rock and punk are now used to play video games. I’m not saying video games are bad, just that it’s possible they have changed society in some unexpected ways.

I mean, whatever happened to some snot nose boy getting his heart broken, picking up a guitar and writing an angry song in his room? Now, I suppose, he would just shrug and play an extra 100 hours of MineCraft. Or something. Something like that.

This discussion makes me feel very, very old for a number of reasons. But who knows.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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