by Shelt Garner

As a compromise to myself, I’m going to continue to mull a total restructuring of the rest of the third draft of the novel and, yet, at the same time start to game out other stories.

And read. And watch.

What I can’t do is just stare out in the space and pretend that I’m not going older every day. I have GOT to treasure this moment in time. I have go to accept that this moment in my life isn’t going to last for ever. It’s going to end eventually and then Something New will replace it.

What that Something New is, I dunno. But it will happen. All good things must come to an end and I have to throw myself into being as creative as possible. I keep saying that then, lulz, what do I do — nothing of note. Or, whatever I do, I continue to do it by drifting towards my goal, rather than buckling down and getting something done as soon as possible.

But I feel pretty confident that I could still meet my deadline for this novel. I just have to be a lot more self-conscious of my deadline. I can’t just keep doing what I’ve been doing and expect to wrap this novel up ASAP, especially since I keep throwing everything up in the air on a structural basis.

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