The Novel Is Getting Really Good

by Shelt Garner

The biggest problem I have with this novel at the moment is there is a long lead up until the murder happens. I’m tempted to have a secondary body show up in the first act, just to at last have SOMETHING happen.

Fuck. No more drinking for me.

And, yet, a lot does happen in the first act — a lot of sexxy time, if nothing else — that I think I can fake out readers long enough that when the body shows up that people won’t feel like it’s been a labor to get there. A lot of interesting things happen in the first act that help develop the various characters in the novel.

I keep wondering why it’s taking me so long. I think some of it comes from how I have some very arbitrary rules in my mind and that causes me to have to re-write a lot of copy that maybe I don’t have to. And, of course, I keep forking the story over and over again which causes a cascading series of events whereby I have rewrite copy to accommodate the new strategic version of the story.

A novel with the success of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is the dream.

But, in general, the story is turning out really well. I have a system setup whereby I edit about once a day and then revise the story from there. I know things are getting really good with this novel because I’m itch to show a big chunk of it to someone again.

It’s so difficult to get ANYONE to read ANY of a novel for free. And, at the moment, I’m very, very broke.

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