Slow Your Roll About The Advantages Of AI Tutors

by Shelt Garner

Do we have to go through THIS again? I remember when the Internet first became popular and mainstream in 1994 – 1995, people were spooging their pants about all the educational uses we could expect from it.

We all know, of course, that, in the end, the Internet simply became another flaw reflection of humanity and about 80% of it became devoted to sex and porn.

So, today, when people started to get way, way, way too excited about the latest update to ChatGPT, I rolled my eyes. I think we all know that if OpenAI goes through with its plans to give ChatGPT a personality, there is a real risk that young people — especially young men — will fall the fuck in love with their AI tutor and, well, there you go.

We’re all fucked.

On this particular front, I fear I’m becoming something of a “doomer.” We have to be extra careful whenever the minds and socialization of younger people are involved and I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea that generations of humans will be babsat by some future version of ChatGPT AND they will never make babies because they’ll be too busy fucking a personalized sexbot.

We have to admit to ourselves that human culture generally takes the path of least resistance and, as such, a lot — A LOT — of people will forgo going through the pain and emotional anguish required to find a mate and make babies in favor of simply fucking a sexbot.

I’m no sure I want to rely on the Amish for keeping humanity going. Ugh.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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