‘But Her E-mails’ — Lyrics To An Old School Hip-Hop Anti-Trump Protest Song

I really like old school hip-hop and I know I’m probably doing this backwards ’cause the music probably usually comes first in such songs. But, I like how you can tell stories with old school hip-hop songs, so you get this. This song is meant to be kind of a quick run down of the disaster that Trumplandia has been in as soft and dance friendly a way as possible.

But Her E-mails
lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
please give credit if you produce or perform

stay woke

now the time has come and we’re ready to dance
but before you shoot a glace at that hottie
let me break it down for you
we’re in a lot of trouble bro
we’ve got a loon for a president
who makes things tough for me and you
this didn’t have to happen
there was another choice that we had
but what did we do we voted for the fool
I want to shout this to the sky
but when I do all I get is sighs
the people who voted for 45
tell me again and again

but her e-mails
that’s what people say
but her e-mails
that’s what people say

45 has alienated our allies in ways big and small
makes you wonder who you’re going to call
who are we going to call when it all falls
45 doesn’t seem ready to lead
he’s a joke for people who are woke
some people complain about our lot
tell me they don’t like it one bit
but what can I say
all I can do is note in vain
there was another way
we could have avoided this pain
yet we all know that wasn’t our fate
thanks Anthony Weiner

but her e-mails
that’s what people say
but her e-mails
that’s what people say

now the president wants to cut the safety net
maybe drive your grandma to an early death
but don’t you fret you still can rock the free world
you’ve still got the right to vote
don’t be afraid to voice your opinion
though some people will get upset
just be sure to laugh and laugh
when someone wants to exclaim

but her e-mails
but her e-mails
but her e-mails

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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