Of Short Stories

by Shelt Garner

When I first started working on these novels, the general consensus from a number of people in my life was, “Oh, why don’t you just write short stories instead?”

This meaning, of course, that the both thought I wasn’t up to write a novel in the first place and they didn’t want to hear about me writing a novel all the time without finished product that they could read then dismiss as bad.

Fuck those people, by the way.

Anyway, I have long said that this rather idyllic situation I have been could not last. And I was right. I’ve learned that there is potential sunset to my halcyon writing days and I have to start acting accordingly.

Now, as an aside, I need to manage my expectations with these projected 6 novels I’m developing and writing. I have want to write them because I have a story to tell, not because I think I’m going to somehow magically become rich and famous by selling them.

But if I start working on short stories it will be specifically and exclusively because I’m desperate for cash. I have a lot — A LOT — of little notions floating around in my mind and now that I know how *I* develop and write a story, it’s easy for me to use the toolkit I’ve developed over the last few years for the far smaller project of writing a short story.

Anyway, the key take away is I’m not getting any younger. I’m of an age where dying of a heart attack like Stieg Larsson is a real danger. So, throw in a sudden urgent need for ready cash and it sure would be nice to finish a short story or three and try to sell them in the near term.

Yet my main focus will continue to be these six novels I’m trying to write.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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