The Thing About Steve Bannon

by Shelt Garner

Ugh. Steve Bannon is a fascist bad penny. I see elements of my own personality in his, even if we’re on the exact opposite ends of the political continuum. He fancies himself some sort of Big Thinker or “Trump’s Brain,” but, in the end, he’s just a bunch of fucking hot air.

Steve Bannon
But he is dangerous, to an extent, because there is a lot — A LOT — of slack in the system for Trump should he decide to go full tyrant. The issue is, that I think even Bannon might be taken aback at how tyrannical Trump can become at his behest before there are any consequences.

But there will be consequences if Trump takes Bannon’s rhetorical advice and goes full tyrant. (I AM NOT ADVOCATING ANYTHING.) At the moment, at least MAGA doesn’t have a paramilitary arm like the Nazi SA. Two, the United States is a huge nation with a diverse population that has the self-perception of being a “free country.” If Bannon gets his way and, I don’t know, a weaponized ICE starts to snatch Trump opponents — like me! — off the streets…that might cause even Traditionalists who otherwise love Trump to sit up and take notice.

Or not. What do I know. It could be that Trump really can go full tyrant and no one will care. There might be some protests here and there, but it will be too late because the press will be so scared by Tyrant Trump that they won’t report them taking place.

All I know is — buckle up. On a macro basis, the times they are (about) to change.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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