A Day To Reflect

by Shelt Garner

I was running hot with the novel again so I’ve decided to chill out today. I’m already seeing results because when I casually looked over the novel some today I saw a number of ways to make it better that I had not thought of before.

No longer a bar fly.

I continue to be clean sober. That I am able to pull this off so abruptly is a testament to, well, my desire to live. My already know my blood is apparently sludge, which is a “Not great, Bob” situation. And I would prefer not to drop dead like Stieg Larsson did at 50.

I would prefer to live long enough to see the “cool stuff” of selling a successful novel.

I’m also watching the latest iteration of the Mr & Mrs. Smith franchise. It’s…ok? I’ve just started. It’s just so difficult for me to consume ANY media that I didn’t produce. So, so very difficult. But I’m forcing myself to go outside my comfort zone so I can get some sense of what modern audiences want, not the audiences of 20 years ago when The Girl Who Played With Fire came out.

Success equal to Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series is my dream.

One thing I don’t like about the TV show already is it uses the “interview the characters” trope as a form of exposition. It’s cheap and often used to expedite the story because you don’t have to “show” character traits. But, so far, the story is good enough for me to continue to watch it.

I also plan on doing a lot of reading, too.

I may — MAY — expand my little creative reset to Sunday afternoon to mimic what would happen had I gone to NYC. I don’t know yet. There is a balance between recharging my batteries and losing momentum.

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