…..One Last Idle Musing About Kavanaugh & Usenet

by Shelton Bumgarner

…….this is just a very, very casual mulling of something….interesting….going on with my Webstats……why is someone from New York City looking at this Website repeatedly today?

…..it could be anything….maybe they like my lyrics (ha!)…..or….dare I even speculate that….maybe…..just….maybe….something might be up on the Kavanaugh-Usenet front?

I’m 99.9% sure this isn’t the case and it’s probably something much more prosaic than that…..it’s just…if you could dig up (even at this late date) Usenet posts from Kavanaugh at Yale, that would be significant.

but….who am I kidding. I’m just spinning dumb tales as I always do.

it’s just interesting. very interesting. what does it mean?

Idle Rambling About Kavanaugh & Usenet

by Shelton Bumgarner

Now, I did a quick search of Google’s Usenet archive and I didn’t find anything to indicate Brett Kavanaugh used Usenet while in college. So, that’s pretty conclusive evidence that my barely-a-hunch that he might have used it while he was in college didn’t pan out.

I guess what made what made that whole thing a least a little bit interesting was the fact that if you could find Kavanaugh Usenet posts from his college days, it would be a unique snapshot of his mentality during the period of time everyone is concerned about. Usenet was pretty free wheeling at that moment in its history and the conditions, at least, are there for us to get some sense of his drinking and other behavior.

But, like I said, doesn’t look that my hunch paid off. The only way I could possibly see it panning out would be if you were with a major news organization and you could talk to Google directly about its archive and see if maybe they could find any archive evidence from Yale specific newsgroups. That might be something that might have a greater likelihood of panning out. But barring something pretty dramatic, this definitely seems like a dead end.

There’s just no there there.

But it definitely was an interesting idea for a moment or two. If you could have found Kavanaugh Usenet posts, that could have really changed the game. It would have been pretty dramatic.

A Challenge To The News Media: Use Google’s Usenet Archive To See If Kavanaugh Used It

by Shelton Bumgarner

As I understand it, Google has — or at least had — an extensive Usenet News archive stretching back to its beginning. It wouldn’t take too much work to track down Kavanaugh’s Yale ID if he used the service. It’s worth spending a few moments digging around Google’s archive, if nothing else.

The Fate Of The Republic Hinges On Apoplectic Women

by Shelton Bumgarner

This is just my personal back-of-the-envelope observation about the coming 2018 mid-terms, but it seem as though things have grown significantly more dicey for The Resistance since the Brett Kavanaugh hearing on Thursday. The MAGA base is stoked now in a way they weren’t previously and they could come to the polls in significantly higher numbers than were expected. There might not be a Blue Wave — or at least not enough of one to flip the House — and America continues it’s lurch towards autocracy.

Honestly, my only hope at this point is women are angry. Really angry. That’s it. If it wasn’t for that, I would give up hope entirely and simply try not to watch any news between now and November 6th. Women are in a historic rage about Republicans not believing Dr. Ford and so there’s at least a minor possibility that their excitement to make a statement at the polls might be enough to at least match the MAGA people who think Kavanaugh is getting a raw deal.

And, remember, this all boils down to Republicans wanting a 30 year 5-4 lock on the Supreme Court. It’s a win-win for Republicans. It doesn’t really matter what happens at this point. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, they get a 5-4 lock on SCOTUS. If he isn’t they probably keep both houses of Congress and continue to ram through tax breaks for the 1%.

Really, the only way I could see anything of note happening at this point is if Kavanaugh is not confirmed and somehow The Resistance gets the Senate. THEN I will have some hope. But that is extremely, extremely unlikely to happen. In fact, I would be flabbergasted if it happened or even came close to happening.

We’re in the darkest timeline and there’s nothing, in real terms, we can do about it.

‘Kavanaugh’ — #Lyrics To A 80s Pop Rock Song

Sometimes, it takes a little while for my mind to notice something. In this case, how well Kavanaugh fits with the song Panama by Van Halen. I usually don’t like to do one-for-one remakes of songs and this isn’t really one, more just a matter of playing off the familiarity of Panama.

lryics by Shelton Bumgarner
please give credit if you produce or perform

going to have some skis this weekend
losing all my inhibitions
getting into Yale
bustin my butt
oh yeah


all the girls love a Devil’s Triangle
pulling a train into station
don’t you forget to dangle some law
when at a best friend’s house
beach week will never end
with a dabble of sin


hold her down
turn the radio up
we’re going to boof
whether she likes it or not

there’s nothing she can do
once you’re through with her
lust is it’s own reward
you’re going to be a judge
when you’re this smart and young