Hit A Major Milestone With The Novel’s Outline

by Shelt Garner

While things aren’t perfect, I’ve finally reached the the midpoint of the novel’s outline. As such, I’ve left the “Fun and Games” aspect of the story and am now in the ‘Bad Guys Close In” part of it.

As such, the whole dynamic of the story has to change. Another issue is I’m into the part of the story have no idea how to develop — the police procedural portion. So now, I have even more reading than I had before. I have so, so very much reading to do. I wish I could have a research assistant of some sort help me with development, but I just don’t see that as possible at this point.

But the reading will do me good, I suppose. I’m hoping to wrap the outline portion of development by the end of June. I hope to start writing again on the novel one way or another just after the July 4th weekend.

I am the first to admit that I’m going into all of this rather oblivious and clueless as to how one might actually get a novel published. I barely even understand what’s supposed to be in a query letter. But all of that will come, I suppose, given time. That’s part of the point of it all — to learn how far I can get in this entire process before I have to self-publish.

We’ll see.

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