Had A Little Writer’s Retreat This Weekend

by Shelt Garner

I had the opportunity to sort of chill out this weekend and think about the novel I’m working on. I think I may have figured out the “Part One” of the novel AGAIN.

Something about getting out of my rut really helps my creative juices flow. I came up with a completely re-imagined beginning. Now I have to work on the “Part Two,” which is essentially the rest of the first act after the Inciting Incident.

It’s shaping up to be far more “thrilling” than it was before. I also have a lot more room to develop some characters so you care about them when bad things happen to them. But I think, really, some of all of this is my storytelling ability is getting better.

But, as I keep saying, I’m going to wrap up the outline by the July 4th Weekend and roll with whatever I have at that point. I have a huge amount of reading to do. I must have 30 books to read at this point. I am so clueless about so much of what I’m doing that by the time I actually wrap up the second draft, the entire context of the novel will be significantly different.

Anyway, I hope to spend the rest of this weekend fleshing out the outline for the rest of the first act.

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