I’ll Put A Move On You, Redux

by Shelt Garner

People are always underestimating me. Always. In large part, this comes from I’m such an extroverted daydreamer that any normal person (if they’re paying attention) sees me as little more than a fool, and a drunk fool at that.

And, yet…

Things have changed. My life has changed significantly in the last year, affording me just the right set of circumstances necessary for me to be within shouting distance of actually being able to have the time necessary to develop and write a damn good novel.

So here I am. I’m completely, totally obsessed with this novel. It has consumed my every waking moment. So much so that sometimes I need to distract myself to get any work on it done. I’m so wrapped up obsessing about the exact sequence of events in the plot that my mind grows clouded and I need to read something or go for a walk. Anything to not think about the issue at hand.

But things are moving along quickly. I’ve finished “Part 1” of the novel, and now I’m well on my way to wrapping up development on the first draft of Part 2. I’m going to give myself some wiggle room in my timetable, however. It seems as though sometimes I need to just clear my mind a little bit before I can produce my best product possible.

Anyway, once more into the breach.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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