Yet More IP Paranoia

by Shelt Garner

I honestly think I’m in the clear with the specific IP issue I’m worried about with the novel I’m working on. Given the exact circumstances of what I’m developing, it would be something of a stretch to get mad about it. It’s just I know how the real world works and, lulz, people sue just because they think they can get some money out of you if you’re successful.

One of my down-the-rabbit-hole fears is that IP lawyers are monitoring this blog so they can use my public ruminations against me in a later law suit. Given that I’ve not publicly stated what my fear is all about — and I’m a nobody at this point — I honestly don’t see how that’s the case.

That’s the thing I really hate about being obsessed with Webstats — I know where someone came from, but I have no idea WHY they came to my site. I, of course, always assume the absolute worst, so I go to great lengths to justify my fears that someone is going to steal my idea or use what I’m mulling in a vague-if-public-way against me in a later lawsuit.

But, really, you have to make your decisions on what you do know, not on what you don’t know. Everything — everything! — you do creatively comes with risks. From the whole thing being a dud, to someone, somewhere finding a reason to sue you or take credit for all your hard work.

So, really, either I can stare out into space in fear of what MIGHT happen, or I can keep going as fast as I can.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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