Some Observations About Dua Lipa

by Shelt Garner

Let me begin by saying I’m a fan of Dua Lipa. I’m impressed with her singing ability and pose for someone so young.

And, yet, from what I can see of her live performances, she’s rather stiff.

So, she’s in an interesting situation. Ms. Lipa is arguably a better native singer than Madonna, but Madonna blows her away in the stage presence metric.

I do find it interesting that Ms. Lipa has managed to keep her clothes on. Many young singers her age — such as Miley Cyrus — race to drop their clothes a soon as they can legally. In an earlier age, I suspect Ms. Lipa would have probably found herself in the pages of Playboy Magazine before it was all over with.

Ms. Lipa is a demonstrably gorgeous woman.

I am curious if she can act.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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