The Twilight Of The First American Republic

by Shelt Garner

The First American Republican is now in its final days, its twilight. House Trump has been established and there’s nothing to stop its final consolidation of power. The coming 2020 election won’t even be a speed bump to this inevitability. At this point, the only issue is on what end of the spectrum will House Trump’s victory be.

Will it on Election Day or soon there after, or will it be a few months later when House Trump forces the issue via a civil war. I guess if you wanted to be extremely optimistic, you might suggest that there’s a chance House Trump might lose such a civil war, but I seriously doubt it. House Trump always wins no matter what, so why should a civil war be any different?

The easier it is for House Trump to win the 2020 Election, the longer this final twilight period in the First Republic’s existence will linger. In the end result will be the same, however — America will be an autocratic managed democracy and a vassal state of Russia, to boot.

The media is going to be purged. People across the country will simply vanish. And those opponents of House Trump who don’t vanish will be pushed out a window. The only way any one living in the Trumplandia will know this happened is because of reports from the BBC and others. The once vibrant press in the former United States will be dead.

A Constitutional Convention will be convened and House Trump vision of America will be codified once and for all. All of this will last for about 40 years until long-term demographic trends are simply too powerful for House Trump and it becomes possible that some sort of Second Republic may struggle out of the rubble of the First. But even that is iffy.

In the 2021-2022 timeframe, Trumplandia will leave NATO and sign an alliance with Russia. Ironically, this will allow the peaceful long-term ascent of China on the world stage as Trumplandia gradually begins to pull its forces back to the homeland. America First, after all.

This is our future. The details my be wrong, but in general, all that is America’s future. We just can’t see it because it’s on the macro historical scale. I’m not saying I have any sort of reveled truth, but it seems pretty obvious to me America is a fascist state.

I simply don’t see anything possibly stopping House Trump from consolidating power at a rapid clip.

Prove me wrong.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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