House Trump Is Never Leaving Power Unless It Loses A Civil War

by Shelt Garner

The moment Trump was acquitted by the Senate, the First Republic was no more. These few remaining months of 2020 are simply a twilight era before House Trump’s final consolidation of power.

As it stands, the only way House Trump is EVER leaving power for any reason is if it loses a civil war. As such, all the Twitter liberals who get all excited about this or that speech or meme that “destroys” some member of the Ruling Family really are missing the point.

The United States is no longer a liberal democracy. We’re an autocratic managed democracy like Russia and House Trump will continue to re-imagine the country into something more akin to Trumplandia for some 20 to 40 years to come. This boils down to cold, hard demographics. The hate, rage, racism and misogyny of angry old Baby Boomers will power House Trump until they finally all drop dead in about 20 years. As there usually is some lag between demographics and politics (especially when autocrats are involved) one could easily imagine another sold 20 years after that before, I don’t know, Zoomers rally around AOC and found a Second Republic.

The point of all of this is — it’s easy to get mad on social media. But how many people, really, are willing to risk things important to them in the real world when ICE or Little Green Men come knocking on their doors? And once the press is finally shipped off to Trumplandia death camps because Qanon demanded it, then, well, lulz, how is anyone even going to know what happened?

Let me put it another way — as an autocrat, all Trump cares about is power. So he could lose by 5 million votes and as long as he wins the Electoral College, he will be quite content. And that’s the Best Case Scenario for people like me. The Worst Case Scenario is Trump has to force the issue and there’s a civil war. In that case, things are likely to grow far more radical and dark that we could possibly imagine.

If there is a civil war, Blue State governments are likely to be abolished favor of military districts. ICE camps will become death camps, full of all the people Qanon want dead.

America simply is too divided and apathetic to do the things necessary to stop this nightmare from becoming a reality. The darkness is here. As I keep saying, if I was writing for VOX, I’d come up with some practical way for you to stop this from happening, or whatever.

But I’m not smart enough.

All I know is, we’re fucked. Totally and completely fucked. MAGA and Qanon are rapidly fusing and Trump will destroy any norm, break any law, necessary to maintain power.

Good luck.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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