‘What’s The Craic?’ For September 24th, 2020 — A Renewed American Covenant

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Today in Trumplandia
Trump refuses to agree to the peaceful transfer of power

Part 2
The United States has two paths before it


Happens because of apathy
Nothing would really change at first
Twitter liberals are extremely weak
Trump is more likely to go Pol Pot out of sheer incompetence than either Putin or Hitler
Qanon is nothing more than repurposed anti-Seminism (Protocols of the Elders of Zion.)

Likely 9/11 domestic terroism event opens it (maybe coordinated assassinations?)
The storming of Trump Tower in NYC
Destruction of Fox News, WSJ, NYP (Maybe NYT)

The War
African Americans get the promise of reparations for destabilizing South
Women get the promise of codified gender equality and reproductive rights for unisex conscription
A Renewed American Covenant
No assurance it would work

Part 3
Need, as always: Co-host / Guests / Engagement

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