‘Red Alert’

by Shelt Garner

It’s deep to see very real indications that all your dark scenarios may be coming true. I think the thing that a lot of people missed about the massive clusterfuck we may be about to enter is the role of Trump himself to force the issue. It seems like there’s been a lot of “Oh, that would never happen” going on.


So, as I can discern, here’s TrumpBarr’s gameplan. Even if it’s extremely obvious that Biden is going to win outright, the moment Trump has any good news he declares victory.

Then, in one fell swoop, American politics is suspended and we enter Coup Dynamics. We enter The Big Ugly. What I mean by that is, Trump uses a combination of MAGA-Qanon violence and Barr legal skullduggery to “not lose” the election.

So, weirdly enough, we would have a similar situation as to what happened in Belarus where the autocrat “won” by 98% of the vote by everyone knew that was a lie and took to the streets. The unnerving issue is we’re careening towards a massive 9/11 level suckerpunch.

The thinking on the part of TrumpBarr is they use any violence — even if it’s from their own supporters — to use the Insurrection Act to seize “total control.” They shut down voting and use SCOTUS to give themselves a thin veneer of legality so the conservative-but-not-MAGA part of the electorate will simply shrug and go back to enjoying their tax breaks and young, hack MAGA judges.

At this point, their thinking is through sheer force of will they can “not lose” the election just like Bush did in 2000.

For me, the issue is American self-perception. Americans have never in our 240-odd history gone through an actual coup. So it will be interesting to see how such an unprecedented event hits the American psyche.

Americans are so God-awful complacent — and so absolutely polarized — that even if it’s self-evident to 60% of the electorate that coup is taking place, 40% of the electorate will say, “but Trump is legally president.”

So that might be the outcome — nothing more than an extreme version of 2000. Instead of the center-Left thinking in vague terms the election was stolen, they will think THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN VIA COUP. Meanwhile, the center-Right will simply shrug and tell us we have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In that case, it would be a draw and, by definition, a victory for TrumpBarr. I guess they key takeaway is do not think in terms of traditional politics. TrumpBarr is going to fight dirty. We have to be prepared.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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