A Big Ugly Scenario

by Shelt Garner

  1. Biden wins handily on Election Night, but not all votes are counted.
  2. Trump sues Wednesday morning to throw out all mail-in votes and wins because, lulz, SCOTUS is full of MAGA hack nows.
  3. Within moments of the SCOTUS decision, enraged New Yorkers attack Trump Tower and FOX News’ HQ
  4. This allows Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act to take “total control.”
  5. Unprecedented political violence begins to erupt, to the point that Blue people in Red states and Red people in Blue states don’t feel safe anymore — domestic political refugees begin to bounce around the country.
  6. There’s a secession crisis as California openly debates leaving the Union. This is where things grow hard to predict — does the state attempt to leave or does it stay and fight?
  7. The entire country begins to implode as even individuals within the U.S. Military begin to take sides.
  8. Two rival governments are established. One in NYC and one in Montgomery, Alabama. (The DC area has completely imploded into civil war.)
  9. Virginia and Florida completely implode as intra-state regional differences are hardened and exaggerated as both Blue and Red grow ever more radicalized.
  10. I have no idea what the endgame for this would be.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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