Of Deep State Radio’s ‘From Stab In The Back To Stop The Steal’

by Shelt Garner

I listened to some of my favorite podcast, Deep State Radio today and they proposed that essentially the “Stop The Steal” movement is a precursor a Germany post-World War 1 “Stab in the Back” type movement in the United States.

I totally agree with that assessment but for one thing — they’re assuming we’re going to make it through the next few weeks without the whole country imploding. If we manage to punt this crisis down the road a few years, that’s probably our best case scenario.

This crisis is going to go septic now, not later. As one of the people on Deep State Radio said, we’re one Trump tweet away from significant political violence in the United States. And, as I’ve written before, Trump is playing a very dangerous expectations game right now. So much so as to be seditious unto itself.

As such, it seems to me that Americans collectively have crossed the Rubicon. There’s going to be a second American Civil War very, very soon. Like NOW. If it doesn’t happen it will be amazing. It’s like America is holding its breath to see if it will be a rouge SCOTUS ruling, a transactional Trump tweet, a massive truckbomb in NYC or LA or some major political figured murdered in cold blood that does the trick.

It definitely seems as though the Republican Party has been consumed by its most extreme elements. And, yet, I don’t even understand what their war aims are. There doesn’t seem to be any particular point to MAGA wanting a civil war other than…they want to keep Trump president? And as I keep saying, such a dumb (in real terms) war aim only gets you so far.

Blue States have bigger economies, bigger populations and better educated people. So, in a sense, what MAGA SHOULD want is simply the opportunity to leave the Union peacefully. A simple division of the country between Blue and Red. And, yet, that doesn’t seem to be their war aim right now. Replace “whities” with “liberals” in this SNL sketch and that seems to be the MAGA civil war aim going into it.

They have no war aim because they haven’t really given it much thought — it’s just a violent political grunt.

So, at this point, we only escape a shooting war in the United States if we’re lucky. All the conditions are there for an rapid escalation to the point where states begin to secede no matter what happens. And then the issue rests with California — will they stay and fight to re-unite the country or will the bounce and simply enjoy their new status as an independent country.

Then you start to wonder about Texas and Florida. And the exact status of New York City. If there was significant Balkanization in the United States, I could see NYC becoming a Free State of some sort.

New York City, 2020

Remember, I can come up with all the liberal-progressive Turner Diaries I want, in the end there would be no narrative or value to such a thing. It could be in the end it won’t be an “alls well that ends well” story like the Civil War, but, well, just the Turner Diaries or The Hunger Games or The Handmaid’s Tale.

The key thing to remember, of course, is this clusterfuck wouldn’t happen in a vacuum — World War 3 would happen if the United States imploded. So, that’s something to think about going forward.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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