A Literary Existential Crisis

by Shelt Garner

The only thing saving this novel series at the moment is I’ve both invested so much in it and know the general universe so well that it makes no sense to start from scratch.

I guess, if anything, I have to overcome my embarrassment about how big this thing has grown. I mean, six novels, come on. But I think if I just focus on the first three novels and much more specifically just the first novel, then I think — I know — I’ll be ok.

Some of all of this comes from me simply not knowing what I’m doing. No matter what story I was writing, I would face the same type of problems. As such, I just have to keep going. I might have to delay my timeline a little bit, but as long as I’m moving forward, I’m ok.

And, I’m moving forward.

I have a huge portion of this first novel’s outline finished. All I have to do is plug the new holes in it and move forward. I also have to come up with a second book out of whole cloth, but I’m creative, I can do that. But the key issue is — not only are each of these books devoted to one thing and far more simple than they were, they are all thematically connected.

The first three books share a themed, the last three books share a theme.

I continue to be idly interested in working on some scifi, but it’s difficult for me to go down that path because of how much time I would have to spend thinking up a universe and characters to populate it. AND, there would be the aforementioned problems with basic storytelling that I continue to have.

Anyway, wish me luck.

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