Free Rhian Teasdale! 

by Shelt Garner

I love, love, love the band Wet Leg. But I have to note that I think one member of the duo —  Rhian Teasdale — is in her Sugar Cubes era. As you may know, Bjork was in a band called the Sugar Cubes before she went solo and made it big. It just seems to me that Ms. Teasdale has a lot of unlocked creative ability that would come to the fore if she either went solo or, even better yet, helped form an all-girl super group.

Rhian Teasdale 

Imagine if, say, for one album you could get Ms.  Teasdale to join forces with Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and, I don’t know, maybe the drummer from Harry Style’s band? That would be so cool. It would be an opportunity for something really fun to happen for once.

But, alas, as I always say — no one listens to me. Even though when they do, usually cool shit happens.

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