Logically, Apple Would Buy Spotify & Netflix

by Shelt Garner

Apple has a huge amount of money tucked away. In fact, I think it’s about as much money as the U.S. Federal government has on hand at any particular moment.

As such, logically, Apple would make some big corporate purchases with all that cash. To me, the logical acquisitions would be Netflix and Spotify. At the moment, Netflix is trading at a historic low and Apple buying it would be a great way for them to build on the success of Apple+. Right now, Apple+ is little more than a very successful vanity project and buying Netflix would give the company a huge foothold in the entertainment business.

Meanwhile, buying Spotify would be a nice fit with Apple’s existing Beats and iTunes services. It would be quite beneficial to Apple’s bottom line to fuse iTunes with Spotify’s huge audience.

What’s more, if you really wanted to get all Steve Jobs about it — that is, if Tim Cook had any vision — they would make one uber streaming service that combined Netflix, Spotify, iTunes and Beats into one tidy one-stop-shop for all of our entertainment needs.

It would be pretty cool if this new service not only allowed you to stream music, but the videos to go with that music as well. It would be a direct competitor to YouTube with a far better UX / UI.

There probably would be a huge obstacle — that of the anti-trust issue. But Apple probably could figure out a way to get what they wanted.

But, sadly, no one listens to me. Oh well.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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