The Vibe Shift Status Report

by Shelt Garner

We definitely are in a vibe shift, but what are some of the details of the shift? Well, from what I can tell, when it comes to music, people want to dance. So, a a number of major artists are coming out with releases that are in the dance pop rock – disco spectrum.

I really like Halsey’s part of the song “Stay With Me.” Sadly, the rest of the song is rather meh. A remixed version of the song that purged it of all the artists in the song and focused exclusively on Halsey’s interesting part of the song would be a hit.

It’s so bad, that every time I hear the Halsey part of “Stay With Me” I get really excited…then I hear the rest of the song and I get frustrated. It’s like when Rihanna or Skyar Grey would do guest spots in a song and you’re like, “Hey, I want to hear them sing the entire song!”

The other thing is the color pallet for clothing has gone neon for some reason. Everyone is wearing bright pink or bright green these days for some reason. It’s notable because it’s kind of happened overnight. A lot of stars just seemingly all decided to be very NEON in what they go out on the town in.

Movies have yet to be changed by the vibe shift. Though, I suppose the interest in the multiverse when it comes to storytelling might be considered a vibe shift trait. Which makes me sad — I was hoping for the gritty movies of the 1970s making a come back.

But, the vibe shift is still young, maybe that will happen.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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