Two Nations — One Red, One Blue

by Shelt Garner

One thing that continues to really get on my nerves is how clueless the nattering nabobs of negativism on Twitter can be so clueless about the intentions of Reds. They got to great pains to point out the ostensibly “dumb” comments that Red “thought leaders” make.

First of all, all the dumb things that Red thought leaders say aren’t dumb — they’re craven. Red leaders know their audience and they know what gets them a prized Fox News primetime slot. Sometimes, to get on Fox News they simply jumble a series of MAGA catch phrases and buzz words together in something that doesn’t sound like English — at least to someone who isn’t MAGA.

As such, you have Red governors ranting about how unsecure the border is — even though their specific state is nowhere near the fucking border! But that’s not how the MAGA base sees it. They know that it’s not “the border” it’s The Border. In the mind of MAGA there is only one border — the national border. I don’t think anyone really appreciates that MAGA really wants that fucking wall built even though it’s completely bonkers to propose and that’s not even how most illegal immigrants get in the country.

I point them to a link that explains that it’s people overstaying their visas, not crossing the border that is causing the immigration crisis and because the article was in The Atlantic, they dismiss it as “bogus” and “liberal propaganda.”

The point of all of this is Blues and Reds are now so siloed in what they believe that neither side has any clue what the other side thinks and, as such, projects onto them what they believe they think. So, Reds think that all Blues are “groomers” who want to cancel anyone who doesn’t fit their media narrative. Meanwhile, Blues like me throw around the term “fascist” when it comes to Reds — something that often makes Reds quite upset. (They are fascists, by the way.)

But where does all this lead us? Well, as I keep saying there’s a spectrum of what is going to happen in the United States. On one end, there’s civil war (unlikely at this point ) and on the other is autocracy.

At the moment, it definitely seems as though we’re going to stop being two nations and start becoming just one — Trumplandia. I suppose it’s possible that we’ll have a civil war but if it happens it will be because Blues leave the Union, not because Reds decide to have that revolution they apparently have a huge hard on for. Fuck you if you want a MAGA revolution, by the way. Eat shit.

But we’re going to become an autocracy because the center-Left is so divided, poorly focused and poorly lead that they just don’t have the guts necessary to leave the Union and, as such, start a civil war. So, lulz. That’s it. We’re going to turn into an autocracy (probably much like Hungary) and Reds will, at last, not have to worry about being canceled.

They may have to worry about relatives — like me! — who refuse to get with the Red program being snatched off the street by ICE and found in a ditch somewhere, but ho um. I suppose it will be worth it to them in the long run.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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