Tove Lo Is So Good

by Shelt Garner

I often say that the Swedes have a lot of soul and Tove Lo proves my point. She is so, so good. Tove Lo is very much a more pop, dance version of Peaches. At least, Tove Lo’s public persona seems about as provocative as Peaches.

Tove Lo

But the point is — I love Tove Lo.

My Spotify has hit after hit of hers. She’s jus so good. Tove Lo is probably the best dance pop rock performer out there at the moment. I really love rock, but she’s close enough to dance pop rock that I find myself listening to her obsessively.

I wish she would collab with Taylor Swift because she’s everything that Tay-Tay isn’t. Tove Lo is very comfortable in her own skin and her sexuality, while it’s easy to get the impression that Tay-Tay is still mad that she’s no longer a virgin.

Anyway, when it comes to an artist who consistently produces a banger, Tove Lo is at the top of my list.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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