It’s Over. Get Out.

by Shelt Garner

If you have the means, I would recommend you leave the United States permanently. Or, at least begin to figure out how you’re going to do it before late 2024. America has given up on democracy, to the point that if we have any spunk left in us to defend it we’re going to have a civil war that Blues start.

But I just don’t believe we’re going to have a civil war.

The United States, one way or another, is going to become a Hungary-style autocracy. And maybe even an autocracy closer to Russia or Nazi Germany at some point in the not-so-distant future.

In short, we’re fucked.

Now, obviously, I can’t predict the future, so it’s possible something might happen that will punt this particular problem down the road. But it will just delay the existential crisis, not prevent it altogether.

There are some deep seated problems with the American political system and we’re totally, completely fucked sooner or later. Pick your poison, as they say. Republicans continue to break law after law and because we don’t have the political will to do anything about it, they get away with it.

And, soon enough, it will be conventional wisdom that the United States is no longer a democracy and, as such, at least 1 million wealthy, well educated American liberals will leave the United States altogether.

I hate the idea that the very people might be able to at least slow our slide into autocracy — Twitter liberals — are just going to give up and leave the country. And because I’m a poor fuck I’m going to be stuck holding the back and figuring out how to avoid being shot in the back of the head by an ICE agent when I get drunk and say something about President DeSantis being a fucking socksucker.

At the moment, at least, it definitely seems as though that’s my fate. It may not happen immediately after 2025 — it probably won’t — but it’s going to happen. Anyone like me who is a loudmouth crank is in danger of crossing the autocrat and ending up in a camp.

We’ve given up.

And, as such, I would suggest, if you can, to start gaming out where you’re going to live outside the United States once it’s an autocracy.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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