A Mystery…Solved?

by Shelt Garner

I’m extremely fucking bored. It’s an August Saturday night and absolutely nothing is going on anywhere. So, I think I’m going bounce back and forth between working on the novel, reading and writing the most interesting things on this blog I can possibly think of.

A mystery unbuilt.

Part of that is I’m obsessed with my Webstats. I’m obsessed with seeing who cares about little old me. I’m very much living in oblivion and anyone being interested in my writing online is of note to me.

This is relevant because I may have figured out where some of my meager traffic comes from out of the blue — people have setup name alerts for this or that celebrity and so they get an email when I put the name of the celebrity in the title of a post. I think that may be where some of my “No referring link” designations come from.

Nothing more mysterious than that.

Anyway, tonight really is very, very boring. Ugh. I suppose we’re all just going to continue to drift into the future like a Steve Miller song. That is, of course, until something huge happens out of the blue and I sheepishly regret wanting something interesting to happen so bad.

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