Allegedly, If Trump Is Indicted, We’re Going To See A NYC Perp Walk

by Shelt Garner

So, apparently, according to news reports, if Trump is, in fact, indicted — which I still find potentially dubious — he’s going to surrender himself in New York City and have a perp walk.

The future?

Now, if Trump wasn’t such a fucking lazy idiot, he would give this whole situation some thought and demand that he handcuffed and frog walked so the whole thing would be both iconic and allow him to play up the martyr element to all of this.

But Trump is very, very stupid and lacks the cognitive abilities necessary to think in such abstract terms. He is a natural showman, yes, but in real terms he usually takes the path of least resistance. He has no sense of history and, as such, he’s just an avatar, rather than a Great Man.

So, I honestly don’t know how it will all go down. It may be rather mundane, if historic.

But there is the known unknown of what happens if there are protests and counter protests outside of the event. That is a volatile situation unto itself.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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