A Bit Of Fan Service — Pondering The State Of Emrata’s Career

by Shelt Garner

Emily Ratajkowski is an interesting person for more than one reason. She’s obviously an intelligent woman and I would argue the best looking public woman in the world.

And, yet, she’s been involved in some sketchy shit — specifically involving her not paying her rent — and she also obviously can’t fucking act.

It’s that second issue that is interesting. Emrata is probably may favorite model alive today for various reasons and, yet, she just can’t act. This is interesting to me because it proves that begin a Hollywood success means being more than just astonishing T&A.

You have to have, like, some sort of acting ability to become any sort of Hollywood star. Which, I think, is interesting, because it tells us something about the importance of not just beauty, but personality when it comes to making it big in Hollywood.

Something about that makes me feel better about the general shitty thing that is human existence.

Anyway, if I, like, won the lottery, I would do everything in my power to make Emrata a part of my life. She’s my ideal woman. Ok, yes, I’m probably a little too fucking old for her, but give me a break. This is my daydream.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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