I Really Like Rita Ora

by Shelt Garner

In this weirdly puritanical world we live in now, it’s nice to see a woman like Rita Ora not be afraid to show some skin. And, from what I can tell, she’s got a great personality, too. And she’s a talented singer. She’s the complete package.

Rita Ora

In short, I’m a fan.

I find it so annoying how shy some of the smoking hot women in the public eye these days are. Though, it is equally interesting how some high end models like Kendall Jenner seem like if Playboy was still culturally relevant they might be willing to do a spread for it.

Showing skin has ALWAYS been a flex for women in the upper strata of society. I mean, there was once a woman hundreds of years ago who had a dress designed specifically to show off her best breast in public!

Just thinking about the cultural demise of Playboy makes me feel very, very old. The rise of Internet porn and OnlyFans has really fucked up what was a pretty useful social construct. It used to be, when I was growing up, that it was quite an honor for someone like Rita Ora or Kendall Jenner to do the occasional Playboy spread if they were either in the mood or had something to promote.

Now, ugh.

Though, the case could be made that when MAGA “catches the car” and bans online porn that we may see a return to print editions of men’s magazines like Playboy. Or we just might see a lot of people using VPNs and nothing will change.

But back to Ms. Ora. She’s so cool. She isn’t a prude like Katy Parry who has a smoking hot body — and incredible breasts — but will never, ever show them. (Do I sound like a dirty old man? Probably.)

I dunno. The issue for me is any society that doesn’t give smoking hot women in the public eye at least a venue to show some T&A is fucked up. But, here we are. It’s kind of sad.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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