‘Eyes Wide Cuck’ — Lyrics To A Public Enemy-Like Old School Hip-Hop Song

The thing about Public Enemy is they were really directly political in their lyrics and so this would be a homage to their type songs. Again, I just write lyrics like these because it’s relaxing. I know it’s unlikely they will ever be produced for various reasons. This is pretty much a first draft.

Eyes Wide Cuck
lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
please give credit if you produce or perform

a demagogue from the Big Apple
has control of the land of the dapper and the sad
Trumplandia is here to say I’m afraid
say it loud but not proud
America is on her knees and
Trump wants her to slop his knob
wants her to kiss his ring, if you know what I mean
we all saw this coming
we were warned, I’m afraid
Trump says he’ll make traffic move
that the buses will run on time
some people believe him so what are we to do
Congress won’t do its job
it’s controlled by Vichy Republican slobs
I look around with my eyes closed and say

eyes wide cuck
eyes wide cuck
eyes wide cuck
eyes wide cuck

America is going to have to fight
fight for her freedom from these chains
what are we going to do I say and say
some people like living eyes wide cuck
they want their freedoms taken away
I say this with much dismay
but with any luck things will change
no longer will we live in Trumplandia
we’ll find some freedom again
people won’t feel the need to flee
the land of the free
but for the time being it seems
we’ll get no relief from these things
Mr. Bannon has the keys to the car
he’s hitting us really hard
it’s going to leave a bruise and a scar

eyes wide cuck
eyes wide cuck
eyes wide cuck
eyes wide cuck

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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