TrumpWorld Is Making A Strategic Mistake In Its Handling Of #WhistleblowerGate

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

Now, let me be clear — populist autocrats never lose. And TrumpWorld is using the Stormy Daniels / Muller Report playbook to make sure the MAGA base is content with a strong economy and young, hack MAGA Federal judges. So, to that extent, things are fine for them. As long as Nancy Pelosi is playing six dimensional chess with her head up her ass, they have nothing to worry about.

And, yet, Trump and his associates are so quick to attack for the sake of attacking, that they are missing a pretty big — and obvious — strategy that would be one way to clear the way for a successful 2020 bid. Instead of going after the whistleblower and dragging this whole thing out until it’s a moot point because 2020 is here, why address the issue from a position of strength?

Come clean and then sit back and wait. Throw down the gauntlet to House Democrats. Effectively say, “Ok, convict me.” This would call the House Democrats’ bluff. The whole thing would collapse like a souffle. The 2020 campaign would begin, Trump would win re-election (like he would anyway). Trump consolidates power and that would be that.

The reason why they won’t do it, of course, is they would see such strategic thinking as a sign of weakness. Their feeble minds are not prepared to do something so outrageous in the short term.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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