Now, To Write My ‘King Lear’

by Shelt Garner

They say Shakespeare wrote King Lear while under quarantine. I’m in quarantine right now only because I’m waiting for my test results. So, I have a few days on lockdown and, as such, a lot more extra time to knock out some copy.

I have a unique work ethic, so it could be I just stare out into space for most of this time then stay up all night right before I find out if had COVID or not. I’m starting to think I just had a really specific cold or or something. For me to be knocked out for a sold 24 hours and then it pass seems a little bit too lucky to be true.


A lot of different aspects of this story are falling into place at the same time. I still have a massive amount of reading to do. Most of that reading is so I can flesh out some of the more interesting parts of some of the characters.

But it’s work that has to be done sooner or later.

It is interesting that I’m throwing some of the more sci-fi elements of this story into the plot far sooner than I thought I would. I will note that the second book in this 2-book story is going to be very, very female James Bond only with far, far cooler and well thought-out gadgets.

The hope is, once I get past the “first part” of this novel, that the rest of the story will zoom by because I will have established what is “real.” I can’t believe I kept revising this goddamn story as much as I have.

But they say all novels aren’t finished but abandoned, so there’s that.

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