The Case Against The ‘Woke’ Agenda

by Shelt Garner

Let me be clear — I still fucking hate the MAGA New Right with a white hot rage equal to the core of the sun. It’s just, at the moment, the center-Left (and the anti-MAGA movement in general) is doing itself no favors by being so fucking “woke.”

Let me explain.

Right now, the culture wars are all the MAGA New Right have. That’s it. They have a bunch of pithy slogans, racism, misogyny and a general hatred of the “Woke Agenda.” For all practical purposes, the Republican Party is running on fumes.

Republicans have no policies, no visioni and no agenda. So they turn to gerrymandering and voter suppression to win elections. And, when necessary, they wrap themselves up in a hatred of the misguided views of the Woke Agenda. Or, I won’t even call them “misguided.” Maybe “petty” and “hypersensitive” is a better way of putting it.

Whatever the exact nature of the Woke Agenda, the whole thing is corrosive. And that’s why the fucking Republicans love to wallow in their attacks of Critical Race Theory and “Cancel Culture.” They know it works. It works really well with the roughly 100,000 people across a few swing states that determine who is president every four years.

But it’s not like anything I say is going to change anything. The United States is tearing itself apart for a number of macro historical and political reasons and, in a sense, the “Woke Agenda” is the least of our worries. Autocracy is very, very popular within the Republican Party to the point that in 2024 – 2025 , we’re going to either slip peacefully unto autocracy or have a fucking civil war. A big one. A blood one. A nasty one.

Either way, autocracy or civil war, the Woke Era is going to come to a crashing in one way or another. And, honestly, I don’t even think that many people are “woke.” I think what’s going on in a lot of powerful people THINK that this or that woke thing will help them with young people when, in fact, I think if they just produced better content everyone would be happier.

There are no easy answers about any of this. The Right throws itself into the well of attacking wokness the moment it feels insecure about the possibility of winning an election through other, more overtly dubious means.

So, as I keep saying — we’re totally fucked. Enjoy these last few months of living in a semi-functioning Western democracy. In January 2023, everything is going to change. Things are going to get dark in the lead up to the complete clusterfuck of 2024 – 2025.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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