Matt Schlapp Is A Fascist

by Shelt Garner

If there is a Truth And Reconciliation Commission in post-Second American Civil War America, among the people who will be brought before it by the victorious Blues will be Matt Schlapp.

He has got to be the absolute worst of “people who should know better.” He’s the leader of CPAC which is a bunch of fascists who want white minority rule in the United States. His dream is my nightmare, etc. But there’s no ready answer or solution to this particular problem.

Schlapp and CPAC are very organized and popular on the not-so-far-Right. They are mostly a group — as I understand it — of well heeled white people who aghast at the demographic changes in America and they see the “Great Awoking” as an opportunity to lean into the idea that the United States is a Constitutional Republic not a democracy.

And, well, they’re also fascists.

Should we slip peacefully into autocracy instead of have any sort of “national divorce” I could see Schlapp eventually having a very high level and conspicuous role in the new regime.

All I know is — Schlapp represents everything I hate in the Republican Party at the moment.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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