Mulling All My Dystopian Hellscape Predictions

by Shelt Garner

If This Is It and there’s going to be a force-on-force conflict between Texas and Federal forces, I pretty much gave MAGA cocksuckers too much credit when I was gaming out civil war scenarios the last few years.

Rather than it being Blues that left the Union — or started a revolution — it would be the far more obvious situation of MAGA pretty much doing exactly what the South did in first civil war.

One thing I don’t think we’ve not given enough thought to is the idea that maybe there will be some sort of half-assed civil war, that would be more of an insurrection than an actual civil war. In this scenario, states like Texas don’t officially leave the Union.

They just engaged in armed combat against the Federal government. Maybe, eventually, there might be some sort of secession crisis, but in the near future, it would be more fisticuffs than ballroom brawl.

But the issue remains — this whole situation could get a little crazy really quick. What’s interesting to me is what is actually happening is more along the lines of what NeverTrumper David French wrote in his book about potential civil war scenarios, rather than anything I wrote.

Though, I do think a few of my thoughts on how a civil war (or second insurrection) might break out were pretty prescient, if not spot on.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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