Insurrection 2.0?

by Shet Garner

I almost went to the January 6th Insurrection to cover it as something of a Citizen Journalist. But it was too cold and too far away. What’s more, even if I had gone, it’s highly unlikely I would have stayed long enough to actually “cover” it.

Flash forward and here we are, with the risk of another “incident” taking place, this time at the Texas border. It’s easy to overestimate what might happen this weekend because we did all get burned on January 6th.

What makes me nervous is MAGA state governments are primed and ready for some sort of Insurrection 2.0 in Texas. The MAGA insurrectionist propaganda that has been flowing for years now cues up a situation where all the conditions exist for political violence to happen.

And, what’s more, if there was some sort of shoot out, there would be a huge amount of pressure on both sides to prove a point. I have a growing sense that we’re more likely to see — at least at first — some sort of major insurrection than Texas leaving the Union over what’s going on.

That may happen if Something Big happens at the border, but not at first. But if a few people died because of a shoot out between the Feds and Texas then the USA would ring like a bell. The political consequences would be a quantum leap beyond January 6th.

If there was a major Insurrection or even Secessionist Crisis, it would do a great deal to help re-elect Joe Biden. And there is, of course, the whole issue of how many craven MAGA pols would actually leave their positions of power in Washington to help found a Trumplandia government.

Also, what would the new Red Government be called? Trumplandia? That’s what it SHOULD be called, but, lulz, what do I know.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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