I’m Worried About The 2024 Election

by Shelt Garner

There is a quirk of the American Constitutional system that scares the ever living beejeebas out of me and that is if no one person wins the Electoral College outright that the House and Senate pick from the top THREE vote getters.

Horace Greeley

Now, you may say, lulz, so what.

But there are two issues you have to remember.

One is, both Trump and Biden are old as fuck. Second, when Horace Greeley died after the 1872 election his electoral votes were distributed amongst the other people who ran.

If, God forbid, either Trump or Biden — or both! — were knocked out of the election after the 2024 election happened….Holy Shit. Total fucking chaos. Because who what might happen to the veep of whichever candidate has shuffled off this mortal coil?

There is one added complication — not only would the House pick from the top three candidates, but each state gets only one vote made up of state delegations. Talk about potential shenanigans. Massive chaos and horse trading. The country is already on edge as it is, bullshit like this could push us over the edge.

This is all very speculative. There’s every reason to believe we won’t have to worry about any of is because we’ll be so busy worrying about if we’re going to become an autocracy or have a revolution / civil war.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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