V-Log: The State Of The ‘Thriller’ I’m Writing As Of Jan. 9th, 2019

by Shelton Bumgarner

Some thoughts.

Ross Douthat, You Got Some Splain’ To Do

by Shelton Bumgarner

Ross Douthat said on the NYT’s podcast, “The Argument” that the only way people like him would start to think collusion was real was if material data was proved to be sent between the Russians and the 2016 Trump campaign.

As I understand it, that was proved to have happened today in court documents.

Your move, Mr. Douthat.

V-Log: Using The Term ‘Radical Resistors’ For The Left’s Answer To The Tea Party

by Shelton Bumgarner

Meh. No one listens to me. But this is watchable.

‘Shut Down’ — #Lyrics To A Rock Song

I have no idea what I’m doing and I only write song lyrics to let off some steam. That’s it. So, it’s not like I expect anything to come of writing this. Just like to tell stories in verse.

Shut Down
lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
please give credit if you produce or perform

the sun is setting
we’re all betting on our next paycheck
if we don’t get it we’ll be a wreck
but don’t you fret
not one bit
the shut down will be over just yet

the shut down is causing waves
the shut down may last until our graves
our leaders are shut down from our cries
how long until our demise?

I’m not ready to swim into the blue
people know the truth
the devil’s in the details isn’t it
don’t you think we’re too old
to squabble over something so bold

the shut down is causing waves
the shut down may last until our graves
our leaders are shut down from our cries
how long until our demise?

open up the government
I demand it I say
why is it so difficult for something to easy
to be made is my refrain

now is the time for the powers to greet
maybe let a few people make ends meet
when will this shut down end
don’t know my friend
don’t know my friend
don’t know my friend

Back To Work

by Shelton Bumgarner

I have to take a deep breath and get back to developing the novel I’ve been working on for some time now. I honestly have no excuse.

The conceit is really strong, it’s just a matter of doing the work to flesh it out. Then of course, doing the REAL hard work of actually writing something interesting and cogent.

Wish me luck.

The Paradox Of Impeachment Politics

by Shelton Bumgarner

Honestly, the issue of impeaching Trump is so conflated and muddled at this point that it’s difficult for me to see anything happening on that front for the foreseeable future.

In fact, it’s something of a taboo among the Democratic Powers That Be because they’re “waiting for the Mueller Report.” And, as best I can tell, there aren’t any bombshell hearings planning anytime soon.

So, as of right now, the logic being bombarded on the Democrats in the House goes something like this, “You can’t impeach Trump until you have him dead-to-rights in a bipartisan manner on a crime that would pass muster with 67 Senators.”

And, so, in essence, we wait.

We wait for one of two things to happen — Mueller releases a report that is such a devastating bombshell we have a Goldwater-meets-Nixon in August 1974 type event (in other words, Senate Republicans buckle and tell Trump he doesn’t have the votes survive…and he ignores them) OR something ELSE happens while we wait for Mueller that is so jaw dropping in magnitude that the House says fuck it and impeaches Trump on strictly partisan lines and we have some serious high drama as Senate Republicans begin to weigh exactly how much they’re interested in not having Pence as president going into 2020.

In the immediate future, the thing I could see really, really getting people blood thirsty politically against Trump would be he declare a national emergency and build enough of a wall on the border using already approved DOD funds to give him cover during his 2020 re-election bid.

Such a draconian move on his part might make a lot of people who are otherwise raising their kids, enjoying the humming economy and thinking about their wedding anniversary to sit up and take notice.

Even that isn’t assured.

So the paradox is, we can’t talk about impeachment unless the people who absolutely, under no circumstances, will ever agree to it, agree to it. That’s it. That’s where we are.

Not until the more die hard MAGA deplorable starts to do the Pence Pivot. Otherwise, the people who Make Conventional Wisdom will scream at the top of their lungs that any effort to impeach Trump only makes him stronger.

If you can think of an answer to that riddle, I’m all ears.

Trump Endgame: State Of Play

by Shelton Bumgarner

It seems to me that a lot of political observers mistake the near-constant state of chaos during the Trump Administration as a sign that THE crisis we’ve all been hoping for and expecting is just around the corner.

I’m of a mixed opinion on that.

My back-of-the-envelope speculation is we’re going to know pretty soon if they’re right or not. Either this all ends by the end of 2019, or the talk about his political demise will simply bleed into the eventual and inevitable discussion about him grooming a younger, more focused protege who will guide his “legacy” for the next four to eight years after 2025.

At this point, I honestly don’t know which direction it’s going.

Right now, I’m tentatively in the latter camp. Trump is the avatar for some pretty significant demographic and economic macro trends in America society and while he’s an incompetent, deranged president, there simply isn’t the political will to unite to get rid of him in any manner other than simply waiting for him to end his second term.

So, what I’m saying is, we’re hurdling towards a point where our desire to get rid of Trump is equal to our inability to unite the political world enough to actually do it. He has a nice economy, a sold 40% of the population is pleased with this performance and, well, there you go.

There’s always the chance that the economy might falter, but there’s also the chance of a major terrorist attack of war that would make Trump a “hero” enough to stick around for as long as he possibly can. Add to this that the Democrats are playing by the “old rules” that are, like, fact based and stuff, while MAGA is playing by the “new rules” that are based on avarice for power.

So, we wait. We wait for Mueller to release his report, Trump to fight its release, it go to SCOTUS…and….I don’t know. It could be blocked 5-4 and we simply suffer for the next six years, or it’s released and…away we go.

But we honestly don’t know what will be in the report or if he’ll even file a formal one.

The point is — unless something jaw dropping happens pretty soon, Trump ain’t goin nowhere.

AOC & The ‘Mr Big’ Factor

by Shelton Bumgarner

Again, let me be completely clear — I only keep writing about this because it’s fun-interesting and, given how dire the national news is right now, it’s nice, for once, to have a completely ridiculous story that makes me smile instead of want to walk off into the nears river, never to be seen again.

So, having said that, let’s continue to look into the no-win situation that the lovely and talented Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finds herself in when it comes to some pretty basic things about her life and who she is. As an aside, I just noticed that the top autocomplete for AOC on Google is a search for bikini pictures of her, so it’s not quite as “sad” as Blue Check Liberals might have to believe for the average person to be interested in such stuff.

This, of course, leads into the general issues that I want to talk about. First, there have to be pictures of AOC in a bikini, somewhere. Unless she had the foresight to contact everyone she’s known the last decade and purge all photographic evidence of her being in a bikini out of existence, such pictures exist and they’re going to come out.

Furthermore, the more she draws attention to herself and the more the Right has a big old boner for her, it’s not going to take much mental energy for the insane Right, which is both physically attracted to her and repulsed by her policy views to go from, “I’d date that girl,” to…”Wait, who IS she dating?”

Now, let’s address all of this. The internal logic of the Right is something along these lines: “Because THEY will take her less seriously if they’re bikini pictures of her, then of course EVERYONE will take her less seriously if there are bikini pictures of her.”

And, so, they set themselves up to be self-owned AGAIN. Yes, whenever such pictures come out there will be a national debate on female politicians, a gross double standard and the changing nature of women in American society. But after things calm down a little bit, the center-Left will make fun of the Right for obviously lusting after AOC and the center-Right will believe they’ve finally proven that AOC is just “Sandy” from the block and as such shouldn’t be, in anyway, taken seriously or heard from again.

I, for one, believe barring something really, really unexpected, we’re going to hear a lot from AOC over the next 20 years and beyond.

Now, we come to a very delicate situation that I like to think of as “The Mr. Big Factor.” It goes something like this — as AOC profile increases and we learn one way or another if she’s dating anyone or not (I mean, is she? Is this common knowledge and I don’t know about it? That’s possible. I just checked her Wiki profile and….nada. No mention of a boyfriend.) there’s a good chance things could get a little surreal.

If she’s NOT dating anyone right now, then a lot of “Mr. Bigs” will see her as the ultimate arm candy and begin to swarm her. And, here’s where it gets surreal — a lot of them could be extremely conservative older middle-age men who completely disagree with her political views.

Then is when we’ll know if she’s The Real Thing or not. If she manages to curve their advances and find, say, someone like Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey as her date to major events, then we’ll know she’s in it to win it. But if she turns around and dates some asshole MAGA Wall Street jerkoff, then, well, there’s that.

The point of all of this is — she needs to get ahead of this. That’s all I’m saying. That’s the only advice I might give her. She’s doing a great job otherwise and I’m beginning to enjoy her policy views. Shrug. It’s not really my place one way or another, but I do hope her the best and it seems as though only by addressing the issues that I have set forth now on a proactive basis instead of waiting for some incel to try to do a gotcha on her that things will work out for the best long-term.

But what do I know, I lead a “sad” life for even talking about all of this in the first place.

This Is Why We Got Trump: AOC’s Romantic Status & Blue Check Twitter Liberalism

by Shelton Bumgarner

It appears to me the following is happening: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez presently politically inhabits a nether region where she’s a Leftist darling and a Rightist bugbear. Where the Left sees the future and a strong, intelligent Latina who is the future of the movement, the Right sees an ignorant bimbo Communist that they not-so-secretly collectively lust after.

And then there’s the center.

So, I suspect that soon, very soon, like after the 60 Minutes interview scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) as I write this, she will be introduced to a much more centrist audience who will see her in a whole different light. They’ll be intrigued that such a young, affable, attractive young woman is also growing into an ideology whose avatars are dusty old people.

As such, the dynamic may change dramatically. Things like her current romantic status, which the Left thinks you’re “sad” for even being interested in in the first place will suddenly be something that a housewife in middle America might honestly and sincerely be interested in on a basic human level.

Now, this brings up something that really, really bugs the shit out of me. Blue Check Liberals on Twitter are the absolute worst when it comes to putting you on blast if you tweet anything to them that doesn’t fit their rigid ideological orthodoxy. So, when it occurred to me yesterday that I did not know an otherwise basic political question, “What is AOC’s relationship status right now?” and I asked that question in a harmless manner, I got piled on by a couple of Blue Check Twitter Liberals who were aghast aghast! that I would even entertain such a question.

I have no idea what is going to happen in the near future, but whenever I find myself getting angry over that little kerfuffle, I console myself by holding out hope that today’s “sad” question, might be tomorrow’s “duh” question.

In other words, AOC can’t stay in the public eye with the intensity that she’s experiencing right now without the question of her relationship status coming up. And if you want to jump down my throat for asking why it matters, my response is being in politics as a woman is a different experience than that for a man and add to the equation that AOC is demonstrably hot, then it’s not QUITE so “sad” to broach the subject of her romantic status.

And if you still are unhappy with me, I would like to observe that it’s self-evident that modern American politics for women isn’t, like rainbows and unicorns and free bleeding, you fucktwit.

In other words — AOC is hot enough that your typical heterosexual dude, regardless of political orientation, would take one look at her and at least entertain the notion of what it would be like to date her.

And, as such, we enter the nebulous realm of gender politics that is so nuanced that if you’re an ideologue at the extreme of either end of the political spectrum, you’re likely to give a rather ham-handed approach.

So, what I’m suggesting is it’s likely that by the end of 2019, my sincere question about her romantic status which Blue Check Twitter Liberals this is so “sad” is going to be extremely mainstream and, I would even go so far to suggest, something of a parlor sport for armchair political observers….that you find on Twitter.

Or maybe not. I am “sad” after all.

Things Might Get A Little Surreal Politically With AOC Going Forward

by Shelton Bumgarner

I only keep talking about this because it’s, for once, a fun-interesting thing to think about where nobody gets hurt and it gives me something to chuckle about instead of feel sad.

So, as I articulated in a 20 minute video, here’s what going on with the Right’s growing boner over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC drives your typical MAGA person completely insane with her political views and as such they attack her every chance they get. Because Right Wing media is getting epic engagement from their readers whenever they mention her name, they are goaded into talking about her every chance they can get.

This, in turn, is observed by the Left and her overall power grows and grows and grows.

And, yet, there’s something really comical happening I’ve noticed that is worth noting — for a certain segment of MAGA it’s probably going to grow difficult for them not to notice that AOC is, on a strictly physical level, a babe. So, there’s at least the possibility that there will be a small, but vocal subset of MAGA who hates AOC’s politics with a white hot passion while at the same time lusting after her physically.

It gets rather surreal because MAGA believes that by definition you can’t take a hot woman seriously, while the Left can’t process that the issue of her physical attractiveness would be an issue at all.

And, so, the two sides, as always will be so far apart that they will stare at each other in disbelief. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this isn’t going to happen. But the conditions, at least, for something like what I suggest might happen, are there.

I guess we’ll see going forward.